Do you want to know how to run your business?
Business marathon
If you were wondering how and where to start, the marathon is perfect for you. At the marathon, we will analyze the basics of business and tell you what you need to do. Experts will talk about improving your work, share useful techniques and tools to achieve your goals.
Our advantages
Daily support for participants.
We are always happy to answer any question. You can ask about this in the support chat, where your mentors will talk to you.
An important advantage for you will be the chat of the participants.
There everyone shares their knowledge and interesting ideas. Join the team and develop with us!
Demonstrate your knowledge in practice.
Practical exercises will be handed out in accordance with the marathon schedule. Assignments and reporting are required.
Online conferences
At the online conference, we will analyze typical situations related to doing business and answer your questions.
If you do not have a commercial streak, then you can try your hand at providing services. It is more important here not to be able to sell yourself, but to be able to do your job with high quality. People line up for a good shoe repairman.
Trade and commercial activities
Trading activity involves the direct sale of finished products to end consumers or intermediaries (dealers). This type of business is ideal for people with a commercial streak.
Production of products
Manufacturing is a very interesting and, in a way, troublesome topic. On the one hand, the manufacturer has in its arsenal all the tools that can satisfy the demand of even the most sophisticated customer.
There are three main types of business: commercial and commercial activities, services and production.
Where to begin?
A unique selling proposition implies concentration on a specific narrow segment of customers, addressing your message to a specific circle of buyers.
Be sure to analyze supply-demand
The more information you gather about what is happening in the market, the easier it will be for you to make decisions in the future. You need to know everything about the capabilities of your competitors, about the needs and interests of customers.
Business plan development is an obligatory step!
Many aspiring entrepreneurs underestimate this document. Like, everything is keeping up well in my head, we will cope. This approach is flawed. A business plan is an essential business planning tool.
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